A nice Monday night surprise
(posted 4-27-07)

My birding this month was mostly limited to the backyard. But that's OK, I like it there. The highlight came earlier this week when I spotted a field sparrow under one of our lilac bushes. It was a first-time sighting in the yard, species No. 103.

The field sparrow was congregating with several white-throated sparrows and a song sparrow. All of them were nibbling on the millet that I had put down the previous two days. But this was Monday night, so there couldn't have been many seeds left. Perhaps I'll start spreading the millet on a daily basis, just to keep the action going throughout the week.

Even if you work away from home all day, nice surprises can be waiting when you return -- especially this time of year. That was certainly the case for me on Monday. What a great way to start the week!

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